Tea Demonstration
Step1   1)      Transfer the tea leaves from the tea caddy to observation tray for appreciation.
 Step2  2)      Warm up the tea utensils with hot water before preparation and drain it into the tray.
 Step3  3)      Place the tea funnel on the teapot and add appropriate amount of tea leaves into the teapot.
 Step4  4)      Rinse the tea leaves by filling the pot with hot water.
 Step5  5)      Drain it off immediately into the tea pitcher (fair cup) or tray.
 Step6  6)      For the first infusion, pour hot water into the teapot from a higher position until the pot is filled to the brim
 Step7  7)      Excess foam is swept away by the lid before placing it firmly on top.
 Step8  8)      Pour hot water or the water collected in step 5 onto the teapot. This helps to ensure that the internal and external temperature of the pot is alike and also helps in moisturizing the pottery (purple clay) teapot.
 Step9  9)      While waiting for the tea to be ready for serving, discard the water from the teacups and tea pitcher.
 Step10  10)   Infuse the tea for approximately 1 minute and transfer it to the tea pitcher to mix evenly, ensuring that the taste and thickness of the tea in each cup is the same. 
 Step11  11)  Pour the tea from the tea pitcher to the sniffing cups.
 Step12  12)  The tea drinker will pour the tea from the sniffing cup to the taste cup and smell the aroma of the tea from the empty sniffing cup before drinking. This can enhance the drinker’s appreciation and enjoyment of the tea.

Remark:                 Most of the tea can be brewed for 4-5 rounds. We suggest that the steeping time to be extended by 10 to 30 seconds for each subsequent infusion, to maintain the strong and sweet flavor.